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The Wizard Tea Room

"In the last 18 months the business has been transformed. Profits are up and I feel much calmer and less stressed about the business. It's all because I have clarity on the numbers.

We have a financial plan, so we know where we are going.

We have a dashboard showing all our key numbers which we look at each day so we know what to focus on.

We meet with David every three months to review the figures and discuss burning issues. We know exactly how the business is performing and what we need to focus on next to improve further.

Simply amazing."

Harriet Whitfield
The Wizard Tea Room Ltd


"Krystal Clear is the best accountants we've ever had. (There have been a few)

I don't think about accounts and tax anymore. It's a relief that I don't have to check and chase the accountant any more to get stuff done. Kim and the team are so reliable.

David always takes time to explain the rules and how I can benefit. The tax advice has been solid and has saved me thousands this year.

What I really love is that Krystal Clear shares the same values - genuinely putting the customer first."

Mark Pratt
ParcelPet Ltd

Complete Logistical Solutions

"The financial plan is the most valuable thing I've ever had from an accountant.

What makes this plan so exciting is that I can change any number, whether it is customer numbers or prices and the whole plan instantly updates. I can immediately see the difference changes make to the bottom line profit or bank balance.

I feel so much more in control and excited about the next 12 months because I have real clarity on my numbers.

I just wish I had Krystal Clear as my accountants years ago."

Mike Lowe
Complete Logistical Solutions Ltd


"Krystal Clear is SO different to every accountant I've ever had.

I had this nagging feeling that my previous accountants weren't really 'on my side'. Every year I would look at my accounts and tax wondering if it was right. It felt like a big burden.

Well not anymore! That burden has been lifted from my shoulders since appointing Krystal Clear as my accountant.

It's wonderful to have that feeling of confidence and reassurance. Kim and the team have the numbers side of my business under control and my best interests at heart."

Adam Carter
Rekalibrate Ltd

Butlers Kitchens

"Thanks to Krystal Clear I now have an extra £36,000 of profit each year.

It's all thanks to the 'Plan for Profit'.

It's amazing to think this is extra profit I will now make EVERY YEAR all thanks to the advice given to me from Krystal Clear."

Warren Butler
Butlers Kitchens

Mike Smith Joinery

"I can't believe how quickly things have turned around.

Six months ago I was thinking of closing the business. Thank goodness I asked Krystal Clear for help.

The figures speak for themselves. Turnover up 100%, profit up 100%, prices up 40% and the sales pipeline is up 700%!

Without their support, ideas and guidance none of this would have been possible.

I am so grateful."

Mike Smith
Mike Smith Joinery

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Kate Davies
Kate Davies
When a friend recently told me that his Making Tax Digital setup with Xero had suddenly gone haywire, he had the HMRC on his back and his own accountants were unable to help him, I asked Krystal Clear Accounting if they could help. A quick chat with Sami, put us on the right road to fixing it. He told us exactly what we needed from Xero support and the issue was fixed in no time. Jon even got a letter from HMRC thanking him for sorting it and keeping them informed along the way. That's what I call a great result and we absolutely could not have done it without Sami's expert help.
lis Gordon
lis Gordon
We got in touch with Krystal Clear accounting recently for advice about presenting a projected profit and loss and cash flow forecast and this was my feedback for them. Thanks so much for preparing these so promptly for us. They are very detailed, much more than I have ever had from another accountant and will most definitely be a really useful live tool for me to use, going forward with our new business. If you need an accountancy firm that provides professionalism, with work delivered at pace and with clear, informative guidance given throughout, then this is the company for you. Their commitment to the tasks and to the outstanding levels of great communication for us mean that not only do we have the detailed document we needed to go forward with our plans, but we have now also signed up for them to be our accountants. We are very excited to have them on board now as part of our team and feel very confident with our decision.
Scottish Shutters
Scottish Shutters
Quite simply thank you. We actually don’t consider you our “accountants” you are already much more than this to us - strategic partners/advisors/consultants/coaches and more - I don’t want to tar you with the same brush by calling you accountants;-) as we've had the most awful experience of accountants prior to now. You listen, you care, you do what you say you will and you want to enjoy the journey with us - not simply prepare the end of year accounts. Your knowledge of business, marketing, strategy and so much more is helping us to create a plan for this year and beyond. Have recommended to you to lots of other businesses.
Mark Noakes
Mark Noakes
I was initially recommended by a friend, who is a client, he raved about how good you are. From the very first conversation with Kim and onwards the guidance, support and expertise have been amazing, which enables me to focus on my business. It gives me the confidence that the financial side of the business is looked after. Everyone in the team is proactive – always give a heads up.
Gina Lau
Gina Lau
Just to say how much I like your approach. Everyone in the team is approachable, amicable and eager to help. David has been incredibly patient in explaining the tax to me. It’s nice to feel that I can ask any questions I am unsure about – no matter how silly I might think it is. Back in January Sami went above and beyond by speaking to HMRC (Queuing on the phone with me for more than an hour) on my behalf to clear up an issue I had at the time. It’s re-assuring to have a reliable and knowledgeable tax advisor whom I can rely upon and why I recommend them to my friends. Gina Lau
Albert Lo
Albert Lo
The comprehensive advise can be given. Thanks.
Dave Saxton
Dave Saxton
Since joining Kim and the team in March last year they’ve made my life easier! You’ve helped me to get my Xero Accounting software all set up and gave me the support I needed to make sure everything is up and running smoothly! Thanks to you, my accounts and tax have been more accurate than ever and you even helped me to save over £2,000 in tax! Thank you to the team for all your ongoing help and support. Saxton – Prestige Blinds
Claire Kilgariff
Claire Kilgariff
You’ve taken my worry away! Since changing accountants I no longer have to worry about my accounts or deadlines, meaning it’s one less thing to think about as I know everything is being looked after by the team. You make me feel so comfortable, everyone’s super friendly and approachable and I know that I can ask them any questions without being judged or made to feel stupid. Thank you so much for everything you do! Claire Kilgariff – Studio Alt
Nadine Loxham
Nadine Loxham
Fantastic service from a friendly team of accountants. Everything is done and filed on time – never late. David is great at explaining the complex accounts and tax stuff. Was good to sit down and discuss my business with someone. Time well spent as I’ve now a couple of cracking ideas to grow my business and make more money. It’s not what I expected but it’s fantastic all the same. Highly recommended. Nadine Loxham (Manchester Transcription Service)

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