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Start up or not to start up… That is the question

How to set up a business

How to set up a business

I often hear people say ‘I don’t know where to start’, or ‘I just don’t have the skills to set up my own business’. My response is always to say you know more than you think you do and usually it’s true that most people have bags of skills gained through work and personal life experience.

What are you talking about I hear you say? Going into business is not that simple. 

You are right it isn’t simple, but I am convinced that we all have the required traits and qualities that you need to succeed, but those that take the plunge also commit time, plan well and are full of personal drive, determination and motivation.

I was honoured to share the stage for International Women’s Day celebrations at RBS in Manchester with a couple of incredible ladies, who have created businesses from personal experience.

Amy Varle had the odds stacked against her from an early age including having to find accommodation which turned into a lengthy and tortuous experience.

Believing that her terrible experience should not be replicated she has set up a very successful business called ‘The People Property Shop’ aimed at bridging the gap between the public and private housing sector.

On paper most people would have written Amy off as an entrepreneur and future business owner, but Amy is different to most people, in that she had a dream to own her own business.

She also had huge amounts of motivation and this raw determination, drive and inner strength so that when the going gets tough, you carry on and see out the course.

Whilst planning is important, this in itself is not enough to make you succeed in business, but dreams, desire, drive and determination coupled with some good advice will ensure you are a winner in the business race!

Most skills can either be learnt or bought in, but the ambition and desire to succeed can’t be, so if it occurs naturally you are going to be a winner.

Good luck in setting up your business!

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