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How easy it it to change accountants?

How easy is it to change accountants

Have you ever asked yourself how easy is it to change accountants?

In this video Kim will explain just how easy it can be!

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How easy is it to change accountants? Is it hard?

Have you ever felt I’m not really happy with my accountant but I bet it’s a Pfaff and really difficult to move, well in this video we talk about how easy it is in reality!

In essence it’s incredibly easy to change accountants. As all the work is dealt with by your new accountant.

It is inevitable that businesses part company with their accountants.  20 years or so you would have remained loyal to your professional adviser’s like you accountant or bank manager, come what may because you didn’t know anything different. But today, we live in a very different world both in terms of technology and business. We tend to have more access to information, and its more readily available via the Internet, through friends, colleagues in business associations. So why would you want to change accountants?

Well in essence there are a number of reasons for a business owner wanting to change: –

  • Again, a lot of accountancy practices still operate like they did you know a number of years ago, very stuffy using fairly outdated ideas and philosophies and using old or outdated technology. So, it’s understandable that younger business owners don’t and quite often can identify with them.
  • It may be that the Partner or Accountant you dealt with in the practice has changed. They may have retired or left and like the banking systems there is no continuity anymore or loyalty. And so, you think maybe it’s time for a change.
  • Your business may have outgrown your current accountant and you may have started out with a sole practitioner but now you have grown and need extra advice help and support and they simply can’t just can’t help you any longer.
  • You may have been promised the earth, but you’ve been badly let down by their service. Maybe not delivering your accounts when promised and you always have to chase, you may have received a fine because they have too many clients and just can’t service them all.
  • Or maybe they’ve made a mistake.
  • Perhaps you can never get a hold of anyone when you have a query. And despite leaving the message they never return your calls.
  • They’re just like all the others and not proactive.

Whatever the reason, just like personal relationships, business relationships come to an end and break up you need to find yourself another accountant.

Who would we suggest.

Well clearly, you need to find the right accountant for you, somebody that you trust you like and you can get along with and you believe can help you grow your business.

So, I would really recommend that you find a growth accountant who is commercially savvy and can really add value to you and your business. Check them out online, watch some videos, read some of their content, do they speak your language?  Do you feel at ease with what you are hearing/reading and identify with them?  Obviously ask for referrals, but remember your business will be different and just because they are good for a friend doesn’t necessarily mean they are the best fit for you!

When you speak to them ask them to put you in touch with some of their clients, most accountants won’t be phased by this request at all.

Once you have decided you’ve done all the hard work in terms of deciding to change and finding someone, now you can sit back and receive the service you deserve and should always have been receiving! Oh, and concentrate on the important stuff…..managing and growing your business.

Once you have found your new accountant, had a meeting with them, like them, have accepted the proposal on the basis of the services that you want to take and signed the letter of engagement then that’s it.

That’s all that needs to happen from your point of view and what happens next is up to your new accountants.

You may of course wish to part on favourable terms with your old accountant and call them up and thank them for all the work that they have done and also to let them know that you’ve appointed a new firm to look after your affairs. Or, alternatively the relationship may have broken down to such an extent that you don’t feel you want to deal with them any longer, in which case, that’s fine, you can leave it up to your new accountant to speak with them on your behalf.

They will of course need to do some money laundering checks and agree with you when they are taking over.  The handover will be done between the accountants

All qualified accountants who are members of regulated bodies for example: –

  • The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA)
  • The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (I.C.A.E.W)
  • The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (A C C A)

members of these bodies are bound by common ethics and as such will write out for professional clearance from your old accountant and ask for certain information on your business and your tax affairs and will request a copy of the most recent accounts and tax returns produced.

Once they’ve received all the information they will then be able to set up an initial getting started meeting, and make sure that you then experience their amazing customer service of course.

So now you know How easy it is to change accountants! 

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