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2020 Ladies Networking Lunch

2020 Ladies Networking Lunch

Kim and Eleanor attended the 2020 Ladies Networking Lunch.  Kim has been a member of 2020 Networking for quite a few years.  This was a new experience for Eleanor to attend her very  first networking event.  

2020 Networking is a not for profit business networking group for women who come together to support each other, their businesses and the Children’s Adventure Farm Trust (CAFT).

What was it all about?

It was a lovely afternoon spent chatting and making connections with other female business owners.  The added bonus was the addition of afternoon tea at the Cresta Court in Altrincham.  

There was a panel at the event who discussed the theme of visibility- getting your business know.  There was lots of opportunity to ask questions.  Unsurprisingly Kim did…..especially around how to publicise the award we have just won!

There was also a raffle for which we donated a Free Profit Supercharging Session.  There were some great prizes donated by the members of 2020 Networking including lots of wine!  An amazing amount of money was raised for CAFT.

The event allowed Eleanor to not only gain some valuable networking experience but to also learn more about CAFT.  Through the networking group we support CAFT (half of the monthly membership goes straight to CAFT).  Also as a business we support the charity.  Kim has helped out at many CAFT open days and even dressed up as a polar bear at the children’s Christmas parties. 

What is CAFT all about?

CAFT stands for The Children’s Adventure Farm Trust.  It was set up many years ago by the late Tim Grundy from Manchester Radio.  It is a charity which helps children of all abilities aged 17 and under.  Who through no fault of their own miss out on the normalities of childhood.  These children could have complex and severe physical or learning disabilities, sensory impairments, or terminal illnesses.  They could be from a disadvantaged background, witnessed or faced abuse.  They may act as young carers or may have sadly already faced bereavement.  Therefore a minibreak at The Children’s Adventure Farm Trust provides a fantastic and much needed opportunity to escape the traumas of their everyday life.  For a few days they can simply be children again.  This is why we are extremely proud to support CAFT.

We have also helped support CAFT through volunteering at their many fundraising events.  Kim & David did a Financial Presentation in Stoke On Trent for one of our clients.  In return they made a hefty donation to the charity for us.

As a business it is great to be able to attend networking events.  In this case, not only to benefit us but for us to be able to support such a brilliant charity.  

Some times it’s good to get out their and be known in your local community not just open for business but doing business to help others.  Even if you are not doing business with people in the room, you never know who they know or the impact that you have made.  Also how that is relayed to others and therefore your visibility/profile goes up!






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