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loyalty cards

Loyalty cards – do they work and increase profits?

Customer loyalty schemes have become increasingly common in recent years. Have you thought about implementing one within your business? Have you ever thought ‘Do the paper punch cards actually work as a customer loyalty scheme?’ Find out in this weeks article…

Cashflow Improvement

How to improve Cashflow

Cashflow is the life blood of businesses without it you won’t survive. Read on to discover how you can improve your cashflow by enticing your customers to pay on time..

What factors affect the price of accounting services

What factors affect the price of accounting services?

Are you looking at changing accountants? Have you ever thought ‘what factors affect the price of accounting services?’ Well in this video Kim Marlor of Krystal Clear Accounting will dive in and answer that question for you!


What is Bookkeeping

In this article we answer the question what actually is bookkeeping and why is it different to a set of accounts.

Balance Sheet

What is a balance sheet?

Have you ever thought to yourself what is a balance sheet and why is it important? We find a lot of business owners don’t really understand their balance sheet and don’t know why they are produced. That’s why we’ve made this video to explain all…

how do I choose the right accountant for me

How do I choose the right accountant for me?

Are you thinking of changing accountants? Have you asked yourself ‘how do I choose the right accountant for me?’ Well here at Krystal Clear we’ve created this video to help you answer exactly that!


How to set up QuickBooks

When setting up your Quickbooks it is vital that it is done correctly. In this article find out how you can set up Quickbooks for your business in the right way to avoid making some critical mistakes…

Management Accounts

What are management accounts?

Do you know what management accounts are and why they are different to annual accounts? If not don’t worry, as Kim will answer this question in this weeks video…

How can I reduce my business costs

How to cut business costs

Have you ever thought ‘how can I reduce my business costs and increase my profits?’ Find out in this blog post how you can do exactly that!

How to avoid making common errors on a vat return

The most common errors on a VAT Return

There’s no 2 ways about it VAT is complicated… any errors could be costly. So you can gain peace of mind that your VAT is being done right we’ve written an article on how you can avoid making the most common VAT errors we see…

How to set up Xero

How to set up Xero

When setting up any accounting software, such as Xero, it’s absolutely imperative that it’s done correctly. Here at Krystal Clear accounting we’ve written an easy to follow article to help you when it comes to setting up Xero.

How to read financial statements

How to read financial statements

Do you know how to read and understand your financial statements?
Around 80% of business owners don’t! We often get asked by prospects for help when it comes to understanding their financial statements so we wrote this blog post to help!

Cloud accounting

What is cloud accounting?

Have you ever thought to yourself, what is cloud accounting? In this article we’ll dive in to help you understand what cloud accounting is and how you could use it within your business.

Which is better Xero or Quickbooks

With Quickbooks and Xero being two of the most popular options for accounting software we often hear, which is better? Quickbooks or Xero? Click here to see our comparison between the two to help you choose the best piece of software for your business.

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