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How to set up Xero

How to set up Xero

When setting up any accounting software, such as Xero, it’s absolutely imperative that it’s done correctly. Here at Krystal Clear accounting we’ve written an easy to follow article to help you when it comes to setting up Xero.

How to read financial statements

How to read financial statements

Do you know how to read and understand your financial statements?
Around 80% of business owners don’t! We often get asked by prospects for help when it comes to understanding their financial statements so we wrote this blog post to help!

Cloud accounting

What is cloud accounting?

Have you ever thought to yourself, what is cloud accounting? In this article we’ll dive in to help you understand what cloud accounting is and how you could use it within your business.

Quickbooks or Xero

Which is better Xero or Quickbooks

With Quickbooks and Xero being two of the most popular options for accounting software we often hear, which is better? Quickbooks or Xero? Click here to see our comparison between the two to help you choose the best piece of software for your business.

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